focuses on sustainability and publishes its first ESG report, a leading e-commerce provider of fashion and home & lifestyle products in the CEE region, has published its first ESG report highlighting its commitment to sustainability and responsiveness to market trends and investor expectations. The report contains information on the Company's initiatives in the area of environmental protection, social responsibility, corporate governance and future directions.

We are proud to publish our first ESG report. We have been undertaking various sustainability initiatives for a long time, and the published report summarizes our previous activities and sets new directions. We recognize changes in market trends, EU regulations and the expectations of investors, who are increasingly asking about ESG. We are flexible and ready to adapt, which is in line with our philosophy and mission of operation - comments Krzysztof Bajołek, CEO of

As part of its sustainability efforts, Answear runs, among other things, the Wear&Share program, through which 14,849 kilograms of clothes were collected in 2022, allowing 700 trees to be planted. Some of the returned clothes are resold to companies that make repairs and resell them to their targeted group of customers. In 2023, the Company will set up its own sewing room to make some of the repairs. Answear has also changed the packaging of shipments to foil packs, which are 80% recycled.

The Company's responsibility also extends to caring for employees and co-workers. Answear respects human rights and dignity, including by providing safe and stable employment conditions. Standards in this regard are set by the Policies on Human Rights, Employee Rights, Anti-Corruption, Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection.

- Investors' perception of the investments they make is changing. We believe that ESG-compliant activities will directly influence the value building of Answear shares in the future. By striving to be a sustainable company, Answear will appear on the radar of many investors, who are increasingly paying attention to these aspects when making investment decisions. We are confident that our commitment to sustainability will be of long-term benefit to both our shareholders, as well as for the community and the environment in which we operate on a daily basis - says Jacek Dziaduś,'s Vice President of Finance.